■ Nutrient Solution Supply System ■

WooSung Hitec's latest innovation, "Injection Master", supplies nutrients and water needed for optimal crop growth. Injection Master's automated process can save you time, labor, and improve overall crop quality by providing precise and efficient nutrient delivery.
Injection Master's sensors continuously monitor water levers, nutrient solution mixture, light intensity and soil temperature. User defined settings allows the system to make the necessary adjustments in the nutrients solution mixture to maintain the precision of your crops nutrients needs. Additionally, the system can be programmed to generate an alarm and stop nutrient delivery should the nutrient solution deviate from the user defined data set.
WooSung Hitec's Nutrient solution supply system can be easily controlled remotely with the addition of Hybrid Environment Control System.

WIN-9000 & 8000 WIN-7000 & 6000 WIN-5000 & 4000
Main Unit
① Controller (PC type) ② Pumps & Valves ③ Mixing Tank & Gauge ④ Pipe Line
① PH Sensor ② EC Sensor ③ Soil temperature & Water Sensor ④ Insolation Sensor