Smart Kit is complete greenhouse ventilation system for a Single Span Greenhouse.
Smart Kit consists of a Roll up master, two Roll up stars, a temperature sensor and other componets.

Standard Accesorries オプション
Temp Sensor Hanger Set
High Voitage brake Electric Code Rain Sensor
モデル YN-2 & TC-502
電源 AC220V
出力電圧 DC24V 50W/Line
No. of motor
to be controlled
2set (Model:WSM-4035)
AUTO:Temperature & Rain
2 motors are governed either individually or imultaneously.
Manual:Toggle switch
※The TC-502 has the time auto function added to the above function.
Control Type Basic mode
Standard mode
Premium mode
Size W220*L140*H310
Weight 5Kg
Guide Roller Type Accesorries
Drive Coupling Guide Roller
Guide Arm Type Accesories
Drive Coupling Guide Arm Parts
Model WSM-4035
In Put DC24V
Normal Operation Condition Input Current 2.6A
Torque 4Kg.m
RPM 3.5
Maximum Operation Condition Input Current 3.5A
Torque 6Kg.m
RPM 3.3
Limit Range (No. of Turns) 35
Size W218*L143*H104
Main Unit Weight 2.4Kg

Guide Roller Operation
for wall vent

Telescopic Arm Operation
for wall & roof vent